I registered the seth.cool domain in 2016 with no project in mind – only the misguided assumptions that someone else would buy it, and that I’m cool. A couple years later, I decided to use my first-mover’s advantage to share data-related projects as I worked on them.

This was partially motivated by an attempt to transition my career from customer support / customer success to data analysis – a casual portfolio to “prove” my ability to analyze, visualize, and write about data, as my résumé and academic background did not inherently suggest experience in any of these areas.

I wrote an extended retrospective of my path into data here.

In recent years, the blog has gone mostly dormant as I’ve stopped sharing analyses. This is largely because I’ve been lucky to become a real professional data practitioner, and no longer feel as much pressure to maintain a public portfolio.

As of early 2024, I’m migrating this blog from the blogdown R package, to Jekyll + GitHub Pages. I’m hopeful to start publishing again, but will likely focus more on topics of analytics engineering and various SQL craft.